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Halliwell Jones BMW Chester
New Service Facility

William Lea Ltd was recommended by Kerakoll, and brought in, by Carefoot Construction, after another screeding contractor had attempted the job with poor results.

William Lea Ltd was asked to remove all of the existing screed, reinstall the liquid applied (resin) gas membrane and then reinstall the self-smoothing screeds to the high standard required by the client.

The materials specified and used on this project were manufactured by Kerakoll.

Phase 1 - Removal of the existing, poorly bonded and failing screed
Phase 2 - Carefully exposing the existing gas membrane, ready for renewal
Phase 3 - After renewing the gas membrane and re-bandaging the construction joints with an elastomeric bandage, the deeper areas were filled (based-out) and the installation of the new screed began. The screed, Kerakoll Keratech R30, was mixed and pumped on site.
Phase 4 - Whilst laying, the screed was rolled with a spiked roller to remove any air bubbles and to help the screed self-smooth. This produced the desired very flat finish.
Phase 5 - Just 3 HOURS after laying, the screed was ready to accept foot traffic and the picture below is the Keratech R30 screed just 24 HOURS after laying.
Phase 6 - The completed Keratech R30 screed was overlaid with the resin floor finishes to leave a 'clean-room' type environment for the client.
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