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Mallbank School, Nantwich


Underfloor Heating is a favoured choice for many industry professionals. Practical, cost-effective and flexible, Underfloor heating is increasingly being specified over traditional radiator systems and establishing a reputation as the preferred modern-day heating solution


  • Comfort – the even spread of heat provides a high level of comfort.

  • Economy – reduced demand on boilers and no wasted heat at ceiling height saves costs.

  • Cost-Efficiency – reduced on-site maintenance – servicing of boilers and pumps only.

  • Long Life – pressure stability across the temperature range gives a projected life well in excess of 50 years BS7291. Pressure rating of 6 bar at 95ºC for 50 years BS 7291. Corrosion/lime scale free. Low frictional resistance through pipe and fittings results in low noise transition.

  • Flexibility – unrestricted wall surfaces in both old and new buildings

  • Safety – no hazardous wall projections or hot surfaces.


William Lea Ltd were contracted to supply and install an underfloor heating system and levelling screed to a new extension to Mallbank School in Nantwich

The pipes were tacked to the insulation in accordance with the underfloor heating design and each circuit attached to a manifold ready for the M&E contractor to connect the hot water feed and the controls.

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