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Retanol screed services

Based in Chester, we are proud to offer a variety of Retanol screeds, which guarantee super-fast drying times and ultimate strength.

Retanol – German Technology for Screeds

William Lea Ltd offer a range of products manufactured by PCT Chemie, including their market-leading Retanol Xtreme Screed.

Over 225 MILLION square metres of Retanol Screeds have been laid, since their introduction in Germany in 2005.

Retanol Xtreme Screed is the best of both worlds. Not only is it dry within 72 hours, it also reaches compressive strengths in excess of 40N/mm².  There is nothing else on the market today that offers all of the qualities of Retanol Xtreme.


There are huge potential benefits available to clients and main contractors when they select Retanol Xtreme Screed. Including:

  • No curing membrane necessary

  • Dry to receive vinyl or resin finishes after just 72 hours

  • Compressive strengths available up to 60N/mm²

  • Requires just 30mm cover over underfloor heating pipes

  • Has better thermal conductivity than many other screed types

  • Can be walked on after 24 hours

  • Can be tiled on after 48 hours

  • Underfloor heating can be commissioned after just 24 hours

  • Underfloor heating commissioning cycle is less than a week!

  • Can be worked on after 48 hours

  • Contains additives to facilitate compaction

  • Can be used in showers, wet rooms and swimming pools

  • Can be used externally

  • Is the only TÜV Rheinland certified screeding additive declaring that it is not harmful to health

  • Gains 80% - 90% of its final strength within the first 96 hours

  • Can be laid unbonded down to 35mm thick

  • Can be laid bonded down to just 15mm thick

In addition to Retanol Xtreme Screed, William Lea Ltd also supply and install Retanol EKA/BW Screed, Hydranol and ZE Bonding Agent.

Our Retanol screeds include the following mixes:

Retanol Xtreme

  • Foot traffic after 24 hours

  • Dry to receive tiles after 48 hours

  • Dry to receive any other floor finishes after 72 hours

  • Reaches 80%-90% of final strength after just 3-4 days

  • Final strength of C40 - C60 (depending on aggregate used)

  • Flexural strength of F6 - F8

  • Underfloor heating can be run after just 24 hours

  • 30mm minimum coverage over underfloor heating pipes

  • TUV Certified - no negative impact on human health

Retanol EKA BW

  • Foot traffic after 24 hours

  • Adjustable drying times 7, 14 or 21 days

  • Final strength of C35

  • Flexural strength of F5

  • Underfloor heating can be run after just 24 hours

  • 35mm minimum coverage over underfloor heating pipes

  • TUV certified - no negative impact on human health

ZE Bonding Agent

  • Guaranteed bonding of Retanol Screeds to the concrete substrate

  • High bond strength

  • Low cost

Concrete background. Self leveling compound spreading

Choose Retanol screeds for high levels of strength and fast drying times. Contact William Lea Ltd on:

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