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Our Services


We are approved to install the leading manufacturer's proprietary and self levelling screeds. As an independent specialist we can offer advice and costs for the systems best suited for your project.

We are pleased to offer total flooring solutions including:



  • FLOOR FINISHES (Epoxy / Polyurethane)




William Lea is a Licensed applicator of the following products:

  • PCT Retanol Xtreme Screed

  • Knopp Specialist Additives

  • Tarmac Truscreed

  • Gyvlon Flowing Screed

  • Mapei Screeding Products


Billy Lea himself has over fifty years experience in the screeding business. As a business, William Lea Ltd, is an independent specialist respected for their quality and rate of workmanship, they have contributed to numerous projects with many of the leading contractors and developers.

Renowned for providing their clients with the highest of standards, William Lea Ltd are always able to choose the flooring solution best suited to the project. William Lea is a fully independent, licensed applicator of all the leading manufacturer’s screeding products - PCT Retanol, Gyvlon, Tarmac Truflow and Tarmac Truscreed - and is highly proficient at rapidly laying large areas of fast-track screed for heavy traffic areas.

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